Healthy Weight Program Patient Stories

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Healthy Weight Program: Londyn's Story


The medication to calm Londyn’s asthma caused steady weight gain. Now a patient of CHOP’s Healthy Weight Program, the 12-year-old found a passion for exercise. 

Trisomy 21: Bryant’s Story

Bryant smiling

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Bryant’s family received a wake-up call from the staff at the Trisomy 21 Program. Instead of steadily improving since his last visit, Bryant’s behavior had become troublesome, he’d gained a significant amount of weight and his blood work was concerning.

Healthy Weight Program: Giovanna Eisenstein

Smiling Patient from the Healthy Weight Program

The Eisenstein family struggled to help their young daughter maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI), until they sought the help of experts in CHOP’s Healthy Weight Program.