Heart/Lung Transplant Program

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Heart/Lung Transplant Program is one of the largest in the world. It draws upon the collaboration of a closely-knit healthcare team, consisting of experts from our Heart Transplant Program and our Lung Transplant Program. This team has performed more than 25 heart/lung transplants in children and young adults.

If your child is referred to us, we will evaluate him and meet with your family before your child is placed on the transplant list. Our goal is first to investigate other treatment options that could improve your child's health and quality of life. We explore medical therapies and other types of surgeries that may eliminate the need for transplantation.

Under the leadership of Matthew O'Connor, MD, Medical Director, Heart Transplantation, and Samuel Goldfarb, MD, Medical Director, Lung and Heart/Lung Transplantation, our program is known both for its excellence and for its comprehensive approach to care.