Your Child's Visit to the Lipid Heart Clinic

During your initial visit to the Lipid Heart Clinic, you and your child will:

  • Meet with a doctor and a dietitian.
  • Review and complete the patient questionnaire, three-day diet history, and blood pressure measurement log.
  • Discuss your family's health history, eating habits, and physical activity level.
  • Discuss your child’s and other family members’ cholesterol levels.
  • Have a physical exam performed on your child. Please be assured that blood samples will not be collected during the first visit.
  • Develop a healthy eating plan for your child and family.
  • Receive a referral to the Healthy Weight Program, if necessary.
  • Discuss the possibility of starting medication, if necessary.

Please complete and bring the following with you to your child's appointment:

  • The patient questionnaire
  • The three-day diet history
  • Your child's cholesterol test results (or have your pediatrician fax them to us at 215-590-4978)
  • If available, cholesterol test results from your child’s biological parents and siblings who are older than 2 years of age

For your follow-up visits, we will ask that your child has her lipid levels rechecked 1-2 weeks before her appointment. We will review any diet and exercise changes your child has made, review other new medical and family history, and we will review the most recent lipid levels and other pertinent laboratory studies. If your child is on a medication, we will also review compliance and determine whether any changes need to be made.