Referring a Patient to the Mitochondrial Medicine

If your child's medical provider suspects a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, they may refer your child to Mitochondrial Medicine at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Please call 267-426-4961 or email to schedule an appointment.

Please ask the doctor's office to send a copy of your child's medical record prior to the appointment so that our team of experts can review relevant data ahead of time.

You or your child's doctor can fax all records to 215-590-0583 or mail to the following address:

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Abramson Research Center

Mitochondrial Medicine

3615 Civic Center Boulevard, Suite 1002

Philadelphia, PA 19104


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Why Choose Us

Mitochondrial Medicine has the nation’s top pediatric specialists and researchers advancing understanding of mitochondrial disease.

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Your Initial Appointment

Learn more about scheduling an appointment and what to expect during your first visit with Mitochondrial Medicine.