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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia provides tools and teaching materials for professionals treating mitochondrial disease.

Mitochondrial Medicine held a virtual symposium on Sept. 20, 2021. The symposium focused on clinical research updates and discussion of approaches to optimizing outcomes by providing multi-disciplinary family support services. Sessions included:

  • Mitochondrial Medicine Frontier Program origins, mission, and updates
  • Clinical care metrics, activities, and access
  • Clinical research updates: natural history, outcome measure validation, and range of clinical research programs
  • Clinical treatment trials updates
  • Neuropsychologic problems and management options for mitochondrial disease
  • Developmental disability in mitochondrial disease: delineating the problem and developing effective strategies
  • Motor developmental delay and disability in mitochondrial disease: assessments and treatment strategies
  • Psychosocial challenges in living with mitochondrial diseases: coping strategies
  • Social work challenges and opportunities to support mitochondrial disease families

These sessions were recorded and are available to download.

Click here to see our latest abstracts presented at UMDF Symposium 2022.

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