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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia provides tools and teaching materials for professionals treating mitochondrial disease.

Mitochondrial Medicine held a virtual symposium on Sept. 18, 2023. The symposium focused on clinical research updates and discussion of approaches to optimizing outcomes by providing multi-disciplinary family support services. Sessions included:

  • Overview of Diagnostics and Monitoring in Mitochondrial Disease
  • Biochemical Diagnostics & Monitoring Assays in Mitochondrial Disease
  • Genomic Diagnostics in Mitochondrial Diseases
  • Research Options for Undiagnosed Patients 
  • Development of Precision Therapies in Mitochondrial Disease: Current Landscape and Future Opportunities
  • Natural History Studies in Mitochondrial Disease
  • Clinical Drug Trials Landscape in Mitochondrial Disease
  • Precision IND Utilization in Mitochondrial Disease
  • Complex Care Coordination in Mitochondrial Disease at CHOP
  • Experts in Mitochondrial Medication Compounding
  • Pediatric Affiliates Caring for Children with Mitochondrial Disease in the Community
  • Compass Care

These sessions were recorded and are available to download.

Stay tuned for the 4th Annual Mitochondrial Medicine Education Day date and registration information!

All sessions from the 1st Annual Mitochondrial Medicine Education Day can be accessed here

All sessions from the 2nd Annual Mitochondrial Medicine Education Day can be accessed here

All sessions from the 3rd Annual Mitochondrial Medicine Education Day can be accessed here.

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