Neurogenic Bladder Program

The care of children with neurogenic bladder is one of our longstanding specialties in the Division of Urology. We provide care for more than 600 different children who have neurogenic bladder.

Urinary management plan

Spina bifida is the most common cause of a neurogenic bladder in children. If your new baby has neurogenic bladder due to spina bifida, we will monitor her closely to determine what types of intervention might be necessary. Over the first year of life, we will see your baby several times to develop an ongoing urinary management plan and to ensure her bladder and kidneys remain healthy.

Once the plan is established, we will see your child at least yearly. Of course, we will see your child more often if things like urinary tract infections or kidney or bladder stones become issues, or if you have questions or concerns. Our initial plan usually involves some combination of bowel management, catheterization and the use of medication to help the bladder store urine effectively.

Surgery may be appropriate for those patients whose incontinence cannot be controlled through medical measures. Learn more about the treatment options available to children with neurogenic bladder.

Our team

You and your child will work collaboratively with our team of surgeons, a dedicated nurse practitioner, nurses who specialize in catheterization and a psychologist who specializes in working with children who have chronic conditions.

Our team works closely with the Spina Bifida Program and our gastroenterology and orthopaedic services to ensure your child has access to the full continuum of care.

Next Steps