Why Choose the Pancreatic Disorders Program

Unique offerings

The Pancreatic Disorders Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is committed to providing comprehensive and individualized care for children and teens with pancreatic disorders. We welcome the opportunity to care for your child or patient with pancreatic disease.

When a child is referred to CHOP's Pancreatic Disorders Program, they will be examined by a pancreatologist, a pediatric gastroenterologist who has additional training in assessment and treatment of disorders of the pancreas. Our physicians make up the largest, most experienced team dedicated to pediatric pancreatic disorders in the country.

In addition to our team’s depth of expertise, our program offers:

  • A truly multidisciplinary team. We ensure that patients who require a multi-specialist evaluation receive it in one visit.
  • Quick scheduling of appointments. When a pancreatic disorder is suspected or diagnosed, call our Access Center directly at 215-590-3630. A coordinator will gather your initial information, and schedule your child's appointment as soon as possible.
  • Advanced diagnostic procedures. Our team employs the most cutting-edge procedures and imaging modalities to help accurately diagnose your child. Our researches are actively involved in developing new tests and procedures.
  • State-of-the-art pediatric endoscopy facility. In addition to providing endoscopic pancreatic function testing, our team is one of a few in the country that has dedicated pediatric providers for advanced procedures, such as endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).
  • An integrative approach to pain control. In addition to pain specialists within the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, our team works closely with the Integrative Health, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, and Clinical Nutrition teams to develop personalized approaches to pain management, including meditation, acupuncture and yoga.
  • In-person support for the whole family. Our program offers emotional and social support to meet the unique needs of all family members affected by a pancreatic disorder.
  • Physician referrals and second opinions. Our program encourages physician referrals and second opinions, as well as new patient visits. If you feel a patient needs to be seen more urgently, let us know and we will work with you. Email pancreas@email.chop.edu.

Accreditation by the National Pancreas Foundation

The Pancreatic Disorders Program at CHOP has been accredited by the National Pancreas Foundation (NPF) as a Center of Excellence for treatment of pancreatitis. NPF Centers are premier healthcare facilities that focus on multidisciplinary treatment of pancreas disease, treating the “whole patient” with a focus on the best possible outcomes and an improved quality of life. The Centers are required to go through an extensive auditing process and must have the required expert physician specialties such as gastroenterologists, pancreas surgeons, and interventional radiologists, along with more patient focused programs such as a pain management, psychosocial support and more.

Next Steps
New Patients, Referrals and 2nd Opinions