Pediatric Colorectal Program Patient Stories

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Sepsis Treatment and Follow-up Care: Sophia’s Story

Sophia being pushed in her wheelchair

What started as a bout of the flu for Sophia led to sepsis and significant medical complications that risked her life. She was transferred to CHOP where a multidisciplinary team of experts coordinated her complex care.  

Hirschsprung’s Disease: Luke's Story

Luke in a suit standing at home

Luke was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s disease when he was just three 3 days old, and underwent surgery to remove the affected part of his colon at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Hirschsprung's Disease: Khloe's Story


Khloe was just 2 days old when doctors noticed she was having digestive problems. She was transferred to CHOP where doctors discovered she had Hirschsprung’s disease.