About the Pediatric Headache Program

The Pediatric Headache Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia specializes in providing comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment for children with disabling and difficult-to-treat headaches who have not responded to standard treatment by their community neurologist. Our goal is to help children with these types of headaches find pain relief and resume their regular lives.

In this specialized program, we see children and teens experiencing:

  • Chronic migraine
  • New daily persistent headache
  • Chronic post-traumatic headache
  • Other primary headache disorders, like cluster headache, which are uncommon in children
  • Children with complex medical problems like brain cancer or hydrocephalus, which affect headache frequency and treatment
  • Headaches that have not improved despite the use of multiple therapies

At the Pediatric Headache Program, your child will be cared for by a dedicated team that includes:

  • Board-certified neurologists: A neurologist will review the details of your child’s headaches, examine your child, and help develop a treatment plan.
  • Nurses: Our nurses have many roles. You may meet one of our nurses in the beginning of your visit to review past medical history and/or at the end of your visit to discuss your child’s treatment plan and follow-up visits. A nurse will be your contact person for medical questions in between visits.
  • A nurse practitioner: Our nurse practitioner works very closely with all members of the team, and with the other attending physicians in neurology.  If you have seen another neurologist at CHOP, your first visit in the Headache Clinic may be scheduled with our nurse practitioner.  Our nurse practitioner also sees most patients for follow-up visits.
  • A psychologist: Our psychologist sees many of our patients to assess how the headaches are affecting your child’s life.  The psychologist will provide suggestions on how to cope with headaches and often provides recommendations for psychotherapy to help support your child.
  • A social worker: Social workers are here to help support your family. If your child’s school has not been responsive to his or her needs, or require education on the effects of pediatric headaches on children, our social worker may be able to assist you and your child.

Our entire team works in close collaboration and is here to help improve your child’s headaches and quality of life.