Kidney Stone Publications

Physicians and researchers from the Pediatric Kidney Stone Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are regular contributors to clinical publications. Recent research published by members of our team demonstrates the importance and effectiveness of a specialized, multidisciplinary model in the management of pediatric kidney stones.


Tasian GE, Maltenfort MG, Rove K, Ching CB, Ramachandra P, DeFoor B, Fernandez N, Forrest CB, Ellison JS. Ureteral Stent Placement Prior to Definitive Stone Treatment Is Associated With Higher Postoperative Emergency Department Visits and Opioid Prescriptions for Youth Having Ureteroscopy or Shockwave Lithotripsy. [Published online ahead of print Feb. 22, 2023] J Urol.

Harper JD, Desai AC, Maalouf NM, Yang H, Antonelli JA, Tasian GE, Lai HH, Reese PP, Curatolo M, Kirkali Z, Al-Khalidi HR, Wessells H, Scales CD Jr. Risk Factors for Increased Stent-associated Symptoms Following Ureteroscopy for Urinary Stones: Results From STENTS. J Urol. 2023;209(5):971-980.


Babajide R, Lembrikova K, Ziemba J, Ding J, Li Y, Fermin AS, Fan Y, Tasian GE. Automated Machine Learning Segmentation and Measurement of Urinary Stones on CT Scan. Urology. 2022;169:41-46.

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