Pediatric Kidney Stone Center

Studies have shown that specialized care for children with kidney stones improves patient outcomes. The Pediatric Kidney Stone Center was established within Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Division of Urology to meet the increasing need for specialized care for children with urinary stone disease. Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive surgical, medical and nutritional care for children with stone disease.

A New Initiative is Underway to Improve Lives of Kids with Kidney Stones

Why Choose Us?

Learn more about what sets CHOP apart in treating kids with kidney stones, and why you should choose our Pediatric Kidney Stone Center to manage your child’s care.

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The collaborative, multidisciplinary team of experts at the Kidney Stone Center helps reduce the burden of stone disease and improve the quality of life for your child.

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Why Choose Us

Learn about what sets us apart in treating kids with kidney stones, and how we can help manage your child’s care and prevent stone recurrence.

Kidney Stones in Children - CHOP's Pediatric Stone Center

Watch: Treating Kidney Stones in Children

Learn about the rising incidence of kidney stones in children and how stones are diagnosed and treated at CHOP's Pediatric Kidney Stone Center.

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