Pediatric Stroke Program Patient Stories

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Hemorrhagic Stroke: Addie’s Story

Addie suffered a stroke as a baby and still has weakness on one side of her body. Now 10, Addie shares some of the challenges she faces at school and offers advice to other kids who are stroke survivors.

Pediatric Stroke: Derek's Story


At 17, Derek Marshall suffered a stroke and needed brain surgery. Find out how he stays positive in the face of life’s setbacks.

Arterial Ischemic Stroke: Avery’s Story

Avery, stroke patient

After a stroke at age 17, Avery worked her way back to the basketball court — thanks to neurology, rehabilitation and sports medicine experts at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Pediatric Stroke: Andrew's Story

Andrew survived a massive stroke on his right brain and doctors feared he would be paralyzed on one side of his body forever. After months of rehab, he's walking again and shares his story.

Pediatric Stroke: Wes's Story

When Wes was 16, he had a stroke — forever changing his life. He shares his story of hospitalization, rehabilitation and hope for the future.

Pediatric Stroke: Nate's Story


Nathan was just 2 days old when his local hospital found fluid on his brain. He was transported to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and his family learned he'd suffered a massive stroke in utero

Pediatric Stroke: Kaelyn's Story

baby kaelyn

Two days after her birth, Kaelyn had a seizure. She was transferred to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where her parents learned that Kaelyn had a stroke.

Pediatric Stroke: Addie's Story

baby addie

Addie's mom describes the joy and sadness of raising her 4-year-old daughter. Addie had a stroke as a baby and still has weakness on one side of her body.