Drug Take Back Program

CHOP offers new option to dispose of unused medications safely and properly

Woman using the drug give back box Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is pleased to announce the installation of two prescription drug “take-back” bins – one located at the Main Hospital in Philadelphia, the other at the Middleman Family Pavilion in King of Prussia.

These new bins – which allow families to safely dispose of unused medication in a secure locked box – are the result of a partnership between the hospital’s Comprehensive Opioid Response and Education Program (CORE), the Office of Community Impact, and the expertise of the Environmental Health and Safety, Security, Pharmacy and Regulatory teams.

CHOP's most recent Community Health Needs Assessment identified substance use disorder as one of the top health needs in our region. Substance use disorder is the medical disorder that describes addiction.

Drug take back box Patients, staff and the community can use these bins to safely dispose of specific types of unused or expired medicines – both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. These bins – coupled with safe storage of medication – are an important home safety tool to help reduce the harm of both substance use disorder and our current mental health crisis. They can be used to help prevent exploratory poisonings in toddlers, help prevent accidental or intentional medicine misuse, and reduce access to potentially lethal outcomes.

We hope families will use these take-back bins and encourage others to do the same!

Want to learn more? Check out CHOP’s Prescription Drug Take Back Bin Q&A.

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