Teen Driving Assessments

Why is this important?

Teenagers have a higher risk of motor vehicle crashes than any other age group.

The virtual driving assessment aims to prevent crashes in this vulnerable group by providing teen patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) with a comprehensive evaluation of real-world driving skills in a safe, controlled environment.

Our Initiative

The virtual driving assessment (VDA) has been established at multiple CHOP Primary Care Network offices to provide patients with innovative technology to improve crash outcomes. The VDA measures a person’s ability to drive safely and avoid crashes by identifying specific skill deficits. The VDA utilizes the Ready-Assess™ platform developed by Diagnostic Driving, Inc., an AI-driven virtual driving assessment that provides the driver with the insights and tools to improve. Upon completion of the virtual driving assessment, participants receive personalized feedback on their driving via an automated report, which includes actionable steps for improvement, including tips and videos to develop specific driving skills.

Our findings

The virtual driving assessment has proven to be feasible and reliable to implement in a primary care office. Most teens find the assessment easy to use and realistic, while all teens and their families feel the driving feedback is helpful and would recommend the experience to others. The virtual driving assessment is now available at 26 CHOP Primary Care Network offices throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.