Possibilities Project: Innovation in Pediatric Primary Care

The Possibilities Project at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia aims to reimagine pediatric primary care delivery in order to improve the patient and provider experience of pediatric primary care and improve child health outcomes. 

A team of pediatricians, researchers and healthcare administrators are working to:

  • Update the model of care to create more flexibility in how primary care is delivered
  • Implement innovative programs that take advantage of that flexibility to improve outcomes

Three elements are key to these ongoing efforts:


Healthcare is not immune to the technological advances that have changed the way customers interact with service providers. We are exploring new ways to leverage technology that will improve the experience of patients and providers, make care more accessible to more people, and improve the overall health of children we care for.

Behavioral strategies

Clinicians will need to become even more effective communicators, using evidence-based strategies like motivational interviewing, which is an approach to foster behavior change, and shared decision making, which is a strategy to ensure that clinical decisions reflect both patient’s values and the best medical evidence. We’ll also look to approaches from behavioral economics, less well studied in pediatrics than in adult care, which may help align incentives with desired outcomes, further supporting child health.


Primary care pediatricians will increasingly partner with other experts — like child psychiatrists and psychologists, teachers, and community leaders — to improve clinical effectiveness and access to care.

To learn more about innovations in pediatric primary care, contact us at possibilities@email.chop.edu.