Your Child's Appointment at the Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Center

When scheduling your child's first appointment at the Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Center, please be prepared to answer the following questions about your child's health:

  • Has your child seen a doctor or visited a health facility? If so, please provide the name of the doctor, location of the facility and date of last visit.
  • Has your child received a previous medical diagnosis? If yes, what was the diagnosis?
  • If this is the first time you are seeking medical attention for your child, please explain (in your own words) what is wrong with him/her.
  • How urgently do you think your child should be seen?

What to bring to your appointment

As you prepare for your first visit to the PCD Center, we ask that you collect as much of the following information as possible. Your primary care physician and other doctors should be able to help you collect many of these records.

  • A copy of your child's most recent complete medical history and physical records
  • Current health insurance information
  • Inpatient records from any previous hospital admissions
  • Records from your child's most recent outpatient clinic visits
  • Information from consultations for any related pulmonary conditions
  • Your child's most recent blood work, imaging results or any other relevant medical test results