Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Center

Children with primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), a rare disease that damages the cilia, will find comprehensive treatment and follow-up care at the Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Center. We are part of the PCD Foundation's Clinical and Research Centers Network (CRCN), a national collaborative network of centers committed to advancing knowledge of this disease through clinical research. We're also setting standards of treatment and improving outcomes for patients with PCD.

Our approach 

As the presenting symptoms of PCD can mimic common and less serious disorders, an accurate diagnosis is critical. It's very important for your child to undergo definitive diagnostic testing when PCD is suspected. The breadth and depth of our clinical team's experience treating patients with PCD, as well as their access to state-of-the-art technologies at CHOP, are integral in confirming the diagnosis of PCD and establishing the best course of treatment.

Given the current absence of standardized treatments for primary ciliary dyskinesia, we focus on the individual needs of each patient and family while operating under the guidance of available research and expert practice guidelines. Continuity of care, a holistic team model and a multidisciplinary approach to management of PCD are the foundations of our Center’s services.


The PCD Center participates in an ongoing research study involving the collection of nasal nitric oxide in patients with PCD. Contact your care team with any questions.