About the PAPA Clinic

What we do

PAPA brings together a special team of providers to work with you and your child to develop a personal, individualized care plan to improve your child’s asthma. Our clinic is unique by having a pulmonologist and an allergist evaluate each child. In additional to medical specialists, the PAPA approach includes emotional, behavioral and practical support to address all aspects of your child’s asthma care.

Who we treat

Our clinic is ideal for children, adolescents or young adults having difficulty managing moderate to severe asthma. If your child has experienced a recent hospitalization, emergency visit or urgent care visit due to asthma, or if your child has been needing oral steroids often, PAPA might be right for you.

What to expect

Our team of specialists can help with any concerns you might have including:

  • Confirming the diagnosis of asthma
  • Helping to identify asthma triggers
  • Partnering with you to find the right treatment for your child’s asthma needs while trying to use as little medication as possible
  • Reviewing/updating the treatment plan according to the level of asthma control
  • Developing strategies to make it easier to take asthma medications
  • Assessing any special family needs and helping you access helpful community resources that may improve your child’s health

We’ll also give you a reminder call a few days before your PAPA appointments. Our comprehensive approach means that our appointments can take a little longer than you may be used to. Please plan for the appointment to take between one to two hours. Learn more information about your appointments.