ID Bracelets

The Safety Center at CHOP offers medical ID bracelets to assist in keeping your child or teen safe while at school or with friends. We also offer In Case of Emergency ID bracelets — a way to feel more secure when your child is in a crowded place or if he wanders away.

Price, selection and availability may vary. Please email us if you have any questions.

ID Bracelets from the Safety Center at CHOP


Rubber "write-on" style ID can be customized with your own message.

Use a fine point permanent marker to write on the inside of the band, then place the band into water that has been boiled for 30 seconds to ensure permanent marking. Only one band included.

allergy alert bracelet Allergy Alert!

Price: $3.00
Wrist Size: small 5.9”
medium 7.1”
large 7.9”


alert medical condition bracelets Alert Medical Condition!

Price: $3.00
Wrist Size: small 5.9”
medium 7.1”
large 7.9”
Note: Small in blue only


i.c.e. bracelet I.C.E. In Case of Emergency!

Price: $3.00
Wrist Size: small 5.9”
medium 7.1”
large 7.9”

Stainless Steel Plate Medical IDs

Engraving provided by Hope Paige Designs.

four rubber band watches Child's Rubber Watch Band

Price: $13.00
Wrist Size: 5.25” through 6.75"
Plate measurements: L 1.25” X H .75”

  • Adjustable watch band closure
  • Can be worn in water


three sports titanium id watches Sports Titanium Style ID

Price: $19.00
Wrist Size: small 5 to 5.75”
medium 6 to 6.75”
large 7 to 7.75”
Plate measurements: L 1.6" X H .5"
Note: Medical symbol position may vary

  • Durable band composed of titanium threads
  • Resistant to fraying and water damage
  • Lightweight, comfortable fit
  • Easy buckle fastener


rope knot bracelet Rope Knot bracelet

Price: $13.00
Wrist Size: 6” through 8.5”
Plate measurement: L 1.63” X H .5”

  • Slide closure
  • Adjusted to wrist size
  • Note: Rope will fade when worn in water for prolonged periods.