Sinus Clinic

Pediatric sinusitis is a common and debilitating problem that greatly impacts the quality of life of many children. Its cause is unknown and symptoms often persist despite treatment, leading to frustration for patients and families. We recognize that each of our patients is unique, and that multiple causes may be creating their symptoms of sinusitis. Our mission is to accurately diagnose your child’s sinus and nasal problem and work with patients and families to develop a treatment plan that addresses each child’s individual needs. We frequently collaborate with our specialist colleagues to complete simultaneous evaluations and treatments. We are the only program in the region devoted solely to the complete medical and surgical care of children with sinonasal disease.

Our Team

Our core team is composed of two otolaryngologists (ear, nose and throat doctors), an allergist and three advanced practice nurses with expertise in pediatric sinonasal disease. We commonly co-manage patients with allied specialists within our hospital system based on the individual nature of patients’ conditions. We hold a monthly multidisciplinary clinic that provides patients with same-visit access to an otolaryngologist and allergist.

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