Solid Tumor Program Resources

For Parents and Caregivers

Cancer Awareness Infographic Thumbnail

This childhood cancer infographic was designed by the Cancer Center at CHOP to describe challenges facing pediatric cancer researchers, doctors and patients.

This information will help patients and caregivers understand what to expect during MIBG, and how to prepare for this unique treatment.


This book features detailed and precise medical information about solid tumor childhood cancers, including neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor, liver tumors, soft tissue sarcomas, and bone sarcomas.

Educational and Social Resources for Patients

If you are an adolescent or young adult (AYA) with cancer, you probably have many questions. We understand that not everyone wants to ask their questions out loud, so we’ve compiled a list of those that are often asked.

Reproductive Health


mother reading to daughter

Social workers discuss the complexities of caregiving, how to have caring, honest conversation with members of the family around the topic of caregiving, and offer tips on how to manage the unique role of the caregiver.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has one of the best fertility preservation programs in pediatric oncology, offering choices for teenagers and young women as well as girls who have not yet experienced puberty.

thyroid exam video screenshot

Watch as Dr. Andy Bauer performs an exam on a teenager with a normal, healthy thyroid, and shows what to look for during exams on children with abnormal thyroids.

In this webinar CHOP experts discuss neuropsychological evaluation, the legal rights of students, and how to support your child as he returns to learning.


Provides funds for Ewing's sarcoma and childhood cancer research; supports patients and families; and provides higher education scholarships.

Cancer Hope Network provides free and confidential one-on-one emotional support to cancer patients, their caregivers, and their family members.

NCI's website includes links to information about treatment, clinical trials, testing and research.

OncoLink is a website maintained by the Abramson Cancer Center at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. It features a wide variety of information on adult and pediatric cancers.