Your Child's Trisomy 21 Program Visit

Before an appointment with the Trisomy 21 clinic can be scheduled, you will need to answer questions over the phone, and complete and return a patient questionnaire, which we mail to you. During that time, if you need specific resources or information, please contact us.

What to expect at your child’s first appointment

When you come to the clinic, we first ask about concerns you have about your child. Then, we review your child’s medical, developmental and behavioral history, as well as his or her educational placements and therapies. We also ensure your child is up to date on all testing recommended specifically for individuals with Down syndrome.

Then we move on to a physical exam, developmental and academic testing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech consultations (if needed). The doctor also reviews any recent testing.

Finally, we discuss our assessment and recommendations. Recommendations may include:

  • Referrals to other doctors
  • Suggested therapies
  • Developmental and behavioral advice
  • Educational guidance

The initial appointment usually lasts two hours.

Adult patients

Patients older than 18 years old are evaluated through CHOP’s Division of Neurology and assessed from a neurological and social/vocational perspective. A full medical history and physical examination are performed to ensure that all recommended testing for individuals with Down syndrome have been addressed.

Social issues are managed as they arise and may include guidance on transitions to adulthood, employment, creative living options, sexuality and issues surrounding aging adults with Down syndrome. New neurological problems will be evaluated as they arise. The initial appointment for adult patients typically lasts one hour.

Additional consultations

The Trisomy 21 Program team has easy access to the many subspecialties at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We will refer your child to them as needed, based upon our evaluation findings. If you have any questions or suggestions, please discuss them with your child's team at the Trisomy 21 clinic.