Urology Transitional Care Program Resources

Caring for a child with any illness or injury can be overwhelming. To help you find answers to your questions and feel confident with the care you’re providing your child, we’ve created the following list of health resources. We hope they can help make this time in your family’s life a bit easier.

We encourage children to be actively involved in their own healthcare in age-appropriate ways, adjusting care and providing transitional support as they grow.

Healthcare Transition Resources: Taking Charge of Your Health

Teenagers: soon you’ll be an adult. Adults need adult doctors. When you reach late teens or early 20s, your ability to manage your healthcare will be important to your health. We want you to be ready.

For Parents and Caregivers

In the not-so-distant future, your child will be an adult. Adults need adult doctors. Your child’s ability to manage his or her care will be very important to staying as healthy as possible. That’s why we have a special Transition Program.