Youth Heart Watch

Youth Heart Watch (YHW) aims to prevent sudden cardiac death among children and adolescents. The program serves as a resource that helps develop pediatric public access automated external defibrillator (AED) programs in schools, recreation centers and other public places. YHW provides training assistance and education for students and staff with the hope that lives will be saved through the use of AEDs, and also through increased awareness of the warning signs, symptoms and risk factors for this condition.

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Getting Started in Your School

Our Youth Heart Watch team is here to help you implement a public access defibrillation (PAD) program in your school. We can help you get your AEDs mounted, create an emergency response plan, and make sure your staff is trained in CPR and AED use. If you don’t have an AED, we can make suggestions for ways to obtain one.

To get you started, we offer a variety of educational resources. You can schedule a consultation with a skilled program coordinator from our School AED Program. The program coordinator will work with you to evaluate your school’s needs and help create programs to educate staff and students about sudden cardiac arrest and the use of AEDs and CPR.

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Conditions We Treat

An important part of CPR and AED education is explaining how the heart works and the causes of sudden cardiac arrest. Learn more about how the risk factors and causes of SCA, including some of the different heart conditions that can cause SCA in kids, and how to recognize SCA.

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