Pathway for Autism Outpatient Screening and Referral

No Provider or Parental Concerns
ASD Screen POSITIVE and/or Provider/Parental Concerns
Continue ongoing developmental surveillance and screening during well child visits
Recommended to Complete All 4 Below:
  1. Refer to Audiology
  2. Refer to Early Intervention (< 5 years) or School District (5-18 years)
  3. Refer to Autism specialist for diagnostic testing
  4. Specialty Referrals
Schedule/complete follow-up appointment in one month after screening in Primary Care
Posted: September 2015
Revised: August 2016, October 2018
Authors: Levy S, MD, MPH; Miller J, PhD; Prasad R, MD; Gerdes M, PhD; Brown L, MD; Bennet A, MD;
Eikov R, CRNP; Everly E, MD; Kratchman A.; W. Guthrie, Ph.D.; A. Rosen, MD; K. Wallis, MD, MPH