Primary Care Clinical Pathway for
Autism Screening, Referral and Management

ASD Screen Negative and
No Provider or Parental Concerns
ASD Screen Positive and/or Provider/Parental Concerns
Continue ongoing developmental surveillance and screening during well-child visits
Recommended to Complete All Below
  • Refer to Educational Services:
    • Early Intervention (< 3 yrs)
    • Preschool Services (3-5 yrs)
    • School District (5-21 yrs)
  • Refer to Autism specialist for diagnostic testing to determine if child meets DSM-5 criteria for ASD:
  • Consider additional assessments:
    • Audiology evaluation (for children with language delay or inattention to language)
  • Families waiting for an evaluation or post-diagnosis can learn about behavioral strategies:
    • ADEPT   provides online modules that teach functional skills using applied behavior analysis
    • Vanderbilt Kennedy Center   provides free online training
  • Inquire about all therapies (including complementary or alternative medications/treatments)
  • Counsel on what treatments are safe, evidence-based and worth trying
  • Resources for Families