PICU Clinical Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of Children with Jeune Syndrome/Chest Wall Hypoplasia Undergoing VEPTR Implantation

Hospital admission for Full Evaluation to Optimize Patient Status, Plan for Surgical Procedure & Post-operative Care
  • Consults on Admission
  • Preoperative Imaging
  • Labs
  • Refer to Jeune Syndrome Admission Order Set

Patient to OR for VEPTR Implantation

Intra-operative Management

Admit to PICU

Refer to IP Orthopaedic Jeune VEPTR Post Operative Management Order Set

  • Goals:
  • Maintain Analgesia
  • Maintain Invasive Ventilatory Support
  • Goals:
  • Maintain Analgesia – Begin PO Pain Medication if Possible
  • Mobilization
  • Maintain Wound Integrity
  • Assess Nutrition Readiness for Patients with Tracheostomy
  • Consider Readiness for Extubation
  • Goals:
  • Wean from PCA
  • Advance Nutrition
  • Maintain Mobility
  • Consider Readiness for Extubation
  • Begin Education for Discharge
  • Goals:
  • Advance Nutrition
  • Maintain Mobility
  • Enteral Pain Management
  • Goals:
  • First Dressing Change
  • Education for Managing Patient at Home
  • Baseline Respiratory Status
Discharge Education for Orthopaedic Care
  • Goals:
  • Baseline Pulmonary Status
  • Enteral Medication
  • Tolerating Baseline Enteral Feeds
  • Pass PT and OT Requirements
Posted: July 2019
Revised: June 2022
Authors: K. Devine, CRNP; L. McNeely, CRNP; J. Anari, MD; P. Cahill, MD; D. Davis, MD; O. Mayer, MD; I. Yuan, MD; A. Boyd, CRNP; D. Platenecky, DPT; J. Vicencio, DPT; L. Rhodes, RT; K. Semless, CRNP