Outpatient Specialty Care and Primary Care Clinical Pathway for Newborns
with Norwood Physiology or Shunt-dependent Pulmonary Blood Flow

  • Daily weight
  • Twice daily oxygen saturation and heart rate
  • Feeding log
  • Red Flags
  • Minimum 1 call per week with ISVMP APN
Visiting Home Nurse
Frequency of visits
determined by need
  • Weight
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Mode of feeding
  • Formula type, amount
  • RN assessment
  • Other concerns
  • Red Flags
Scheduled well-baby visits
and visits as needed
  • Weight
  • Vital signs including heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation
  • Immunizations per CDC recommendations, including Beyfortus
  • Other concerns
  • Red Flags

Norwood patients, every 2 wks

BT shunt or PDA stent
patients, monthly
Cardiac Kids Developmental Follow-up Program
Scheduled per team recommendations
Second Operation Planning
Stage II
Submit surgical request for Stage II by 2 months of age
Preoperative Labs
include BNP with standard pre-operative labs
Biventricular Repair
Timing, Pre-Op Studies
Determined by Primary Cardiologist
Posted: July 2011
Revised: October 2023
Editors: Clinical Pathways Team