ED Pathway for Evaluation/Treatment of Children
with Post-Op T&A Bleed

Active Bleeding-Bedside Care
  • NPO, CBC
  • Type & Cross
  • NS bolus
  • Immediate ENT consult
  • Notify OR at 5-4444
  • Prepare OR paperwork
Complete H&P when able
Recurrent Bleeding-Bedside Care
  • NPO, CBC
  • PT/PTT
  • Type & Cross if Hgb <10
  • NS bolus
Complete H&P when able
No Current/Recurrent Bleeding
To OR urgently
Admit to ENT
OR when available
Complete H&P
ENT consult
Bedside Care
Admit to ENT
Urgent OR
Assess Hydration Analgesia
Assure all patients discontinue Study Drug
Posted: July 2008
Revised: October 2011, May 2013, August 2015, November 2017 (reviewed), November 2019 (reviewed)
Authors: J. Lavelle, MD, C. Jacobstein, MD, S. Wells, RN, L. Javia, MD