22CT015: CART 19-22 co-administration


CAR T cell therapy has shifted the treatment landscape for pediatric and young adult patients with advanced B-cell leukemias. This study aims to treat patients with relapsed disease by administering two CART cell products, huCART19 and CART22-65s. The study will determine the safety and efficacy and usefulness of administering two CAR T cell products in patients with advanced B-cell leukemias.

This is a Phase 1/2b trial for the treatment of patients with either advanced or refractory B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or B-lineage lymphoblastic lymphoma. Possible procedures include medical record review, apheresis, huCART19 infusion, blood draws, physical exams, imaging, and disease assessments through bone marrows and lumbar punctures. Overall, approximately 93 subjects will be enrolled on this clinical trial.

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