Pyogenic Granulomas

What are pyogenic granulomas (lobular capillary hemangiomas)

Pyogenic Granuloma Image Pyogenic granulomas are small clusters of blood vessels covered by a thin, fragile layer of skin. They are thought to be caused by minor skin trauma that stimulates blood vessel growth, and if the skin breaks down (ulcerates), bleeding can be surprisingly profuse. Although these are really a type of hemangioma, and they are actually neither infected (pyogenic) nor granulomas, the name has stuck because of long term use.


Treatment of pyogenic granulomas may consist of cauterization or pulsed dye laser, but biopsy followed by cauterization or laser coagulation provides a specimen for pathology to confirm the diagnosis. Excision and suture closure is another option. In rare cases, large recurrent pyogenic granulomas may benefit from combination therapy that includes beta blocker therapy directed by CHOP’s Dermatology Section.

Reviewed by David W. Low, MD