Dermatology Section

Children and adolescents with a wide variety of dermatological conditions can find the care they need at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Dermatology Section. Our team of pediatric dermatologists specializes in the treatment of common disorders such as acne and eczema, as well as emergent, rare and complicated disorders of the skin.

Epidermolysis Bullosa: Wilbert’s Story

Conditions We Treat

Our team of pediatric dermatologists offers diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute disorders affecting the skin, from the routine to the rare. We can evaluate everything from birthmarks, scars and warts to a wide variety of genetic skin diseases and skin infections. Find details about some of the many conditions we manage.

Our Team

Our team includes full-time pediatric dermatologists, a pediatric dermatopathologist, advanced practice providers and several clinical and professional staff members.