Construction on Philadelphia Campus

Why we're doing this work

When visiting CHOP’s Philadelphia Campus, you'll notice construction activities taking place. These activities are associated with several ongoing projects that will help CHOP achieve its goal of providing world-class care to our patients and families by developing world-class facilities. Our campus is expanding to become a fully private-room institution — which we'll achieve by adding the Hub for Clinical Collaboration, a New Patient Pavilion, renovations to the Main Hospital and more!

A key initial component of this work is the Utility Relocation Project. Relocating necessary utilities will increase CHOP’s building system reliability as we prepare for future expansion of our facilities. Watch this video to learn more about the Utility Relocation Project.

Construction projects currently underway on CHOP's Philadelphia Campus

  • East Service Drive
    • Impact #1: The sidewalk at the northeast corner of the intersection of Civic Center Boulevard and East Service Drive will be closed until late August 2021. One lane of traffic on Civic Center Boulevard will also be closed in this area.
    • Impact #2: East Service Drive will be partially closed from August 28 through December 2021 to enable underground utility relocations and foundation work to support the construction of a new bridge that will connect the existing Buerger Bridge to the Main Hospital. The bridge will provide connectivity to CHOP Buildings throughout construction of the New Patient Tower Project. Signage will be implemented to assist with modifications to vehicular and pedestrian access routes.
  • Osler Plaza and Wood Garage Partial Closure
    • Osler Plaza: A portion of Osler Plaza will be closed, and the Osler Drive configuration (removal of concrete/landscaped center island) will be modified as noted on the step 1 logistics plan. Roadway fencing will be erected on 6/15 to support the roadway modifications for roughly two weeks. Upon completion of the center island removal, Osler Drive will be re-opened to traffic while a portion of Osler Plaza will remain closed, as noted on the step 2 logistics plan.
    • Wood Garage: Access into and out of the Wood Garage will remain as it exists today. While other portions of the Wood Garage will be closed and drive lanes will be modified, the partial closure will not impact staff who currently park in Wood. Some patient groups will be rerouted to Main Garage, and coordination has begun with the various departments impacted. The Wood Garage is tentatively scheduled for full permanent closure starting in early 2022.
    • Signage: Wayfinding signage will be deployed throughout campus to ensure patients, families and staff can navigate to their destination regardless of parking location.
  • Curie Boulevard - Lane shifts will be in place during the day along Curie Boulevard to accommodate the installation of new underground utilities beginning in June 2021. This work will take approximately one year to complete.
    • During the day (5 a.m. - 8 p.m.): Curie Boulevard will remain two-way (one lane each direction) while working around construction activity.
    • At night (8 p.m. - 5 a.m.): Curie Boulevard will be reduced to one lane of traffic, traveling east.
  • Civic Center Boulevard - Traffic patterns have changed on Civic Center Boulevard between East Service Drive and West Service Drive. The following changes will be in place in this location until late October 2021:
    • During the day (5 a.m. - 8 p.m.): Civic Center Boulevard will be reduced to two lanes of traffic.
    • At night (8 p.m. - 5 a.m.): Civic Center Boulevard will be reduced to one lane of traffic.
    • At all times, the north sidewalk between West Service Drive and Osler Circle will be closed to pedestrians.
    • At all times during this period of construction, bicycles traveling westbound will share the road with vehicles in this area. Bike riders travelling eastbound will need to dismount and walk their bike to safely get through the work area.

Current construction activity and detours can be seen here:

How we'll reduce additional traffic congestion

Throughout construction, visitors to CHOP’s Philadelphia Campus will experience various road and lane closures. Here's how we'll work to avoid further congestion around campus:

  • Thoughtful scheduling: We will make every effort to limit closures and/or schedule closures during non-peak travel times.
  • Policing of illegal parking: Additional policing of illegally parked vehicles has begun and will help decongest the streets around CHOP’s Philadelphia Campus.
  • Vendor communications: We will proactively inform CHOP vendors of the changes that will be occurring on Philadelphia Campus and how they can properly coordinate access to either our docks or parking areas without parking illegally. Green Security will be utilized as a communication platform for this message.


Contact our Facilities team with questions or comments about construction happening on Philadelphia Campus. 

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