COVID-19 Testing for Kids

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Family in car awaiting COVID-19 testing CHOP offers COVID-19 testing for kids who present to a primary care or urgent care site and meet testing criteria.

Please note: The U.S. government has declared that the COVID-19 National Public Health Emergency has ended as of May 11, 2023. After this date, you or your health insurance provider may be billed for services, and standard cost-sharing may be applied for COVID-19 diagnostic testing services, including PCR testing. Prior to testing, please call your health insurance provider to confirm coverage and assess patient responsibility.

What you need to know:

  • Please do not go to the Emergency Department (ED) if you’re seeking a test for mild symptoms or exposure. If you are looking for community testing, we encourage you to visit the City of Philadelphia’s website for up-to-date COVID-19 testing resources, so our ED staff can stay ready to care for kids with serious medical emergencies.
  • CHOP no longer requires pre-procedure testing for the majority of patients coming in for surgery or a procedure. Please contact your medical provider directly if you have questions about pre-visit instructions or requirements before scheduling a test for this reason.
  • Current CHOP patients who see a CHOP Primary Care pediatrician may be tested at their primary care office if testing is recommended.
  • Any child who visits a CHOP Urgent Care location may be tested for COVID-19 if symptoms indicate. To be tested at Urgent Care, your child must be seen onsite for an in-person Urgent Care visit and meet testing criteria. 

If your child is sick and you're unsure about where to turn, here is more information about where to go and when.

How do I get a COVID-19 test through CHOP?

If your child is ill and you suspect COVID-19, you can schedule a sick visit with their CHOP Primary Care office, or go to a CHOP Urgent Care Center. If their symptoms indicate, their care team will perform a COVID-19 test.

Pre-procedure testing

CHOP no longer requires pre-procedure testing for all patients being admitted for surgery, for an outpatient surgical procedure or any other inpatient stay. Most patients will not require COVID-19 testing, but if your child does need a test for any reason, their care team will give you instructions and order the COVID-19 test specifically for your child’s admission/procedure needs.

Resources for providers

If you are a testing provider:

Additional information

The CARES act requires that providers post their cash price for COVID-19 testing. CHOP’s cash price for COVID-19 lab testing is $219. Please note, this price is only for the COVID-19 test. Other tests and screening may be ordered and provided at the same time of service, which will affect a total bill for this service. For questions, please call the Patient Cost Estimation Department at 267-426-1467.

Security Reminder

CHOP will never ask for sensitive information such as passwords or social security numbers outside of MyCHOP, our patient portal. If you receive a call, text, email or social media message asking for sensitive information, do not respond. If you have questions, call your CHOP provider using a phone number you know is legitimate, or contact us through MyCHOP.


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