Tiffiney R. Hartman, PhD

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Tiffiney R. Hartman, PhD, is a genetic counselor with the Roberts Individualized Medical Genetics Center and the Division of Human Genetics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Locations: Main Hospital
Appointments and Referrals: 1-800-TRY-CHOP (1-800-879-2467)

Education and Training

Undergraduate Degree

BS in Biology - The University of Akron, Akron, OH 

Graduate Degree

PhD in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology - The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Titles and Academic Titles

Genetic Counselor

Departments and Services




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Awards and Honors

2011, Jean and Baruch Blumberg Award for Best Postdoctoral Seminar of the Year, Fox Chase Cancer Center

2010, Board of Associates 1-year Fellowship, Fox Chase Cancer Center

2008, Myrovlytis Trust 1-year Research Grant to study Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome

2006,  Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award for Individual Postdoctoral Fellows (NIH F32)

2005, NIH T32 Internal Training Grant, Fox Chase Cancer Center

2001, Second-Place, Roche Molecular Biochemicals Distinguished Seminar Award, The Ohio State University

1998, Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, 1997-1998 Academic Year, Introductory Biology Teaching Assistant Program, The Ohio State University

1996, Summa cum laude, The University of Akron


Leadership and Memberships

2017-present, National Society Genetic Counselors