Deciphering Beckwith-Wiedemann Spectrum

Jul 21, 2023-Jul 23, 2023


Deciphering Beckwith-Wiedemann Spectrum will provide updates on the current diagnostic and clinical management information and the latest research findings on the condition. Conference attendees will be educated on the vast spectrum of presenting clinical features, current clinical management practices, and common medical procedures. Researchers from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia will be joined by collaborators from around the world to present ongoing BWSp research topics as well. Understanding this information is crucial in providing optimal care to patients with BWSp. This conference is designed for clinicians, families with children who have BWSp, and adults with BWSp. The audience will be encouraged to further educate other clinicians and caregivers at their home institution.


  1. Describe the (epi)genetics and clinical features of BWSp.
  2. More accurately diagnose patients with BWSp.
  3. Improve clinical care of individuals with BWSp.
  4. Explain educational materials with providers at their home institution.
  5. Share the latest updates on BWSp research.

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