Frontier Programs

The future of pediatric medicine is here

A trailblazing group of initiatives known as Frontier Programs are continuing to pioneer new advances in children’s health at an astonishing pace.

Frontier Programs conduct visionary research that translates to cutting-edge clinical care. They offer answers often not available anywhere else in the world: a breakthrough therapy that teaches a child’s own cells to fight cancer, a first-of-its-kind surgery for chest deformities, a lifesaving treatment based on a new understanding of the body’s lymphatic system, and more. CHOP champions these programs and ensures that they receive critical support to accelerate their progress.

"The Frontier Programs are redefining pediatric care," says Joseph St. Geme III, MD, CHOP’s Physician-in-Chief. “Their robust clinical programs are complemented by a rich and growing pipeline of new discoveries."

Philanthropic commitments ensure that they continue to provide outstanding care and make breakthroughs in research.

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Help us forge a new frontier

Discovery and innovation have been at the very core of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for more than 150 years. Every day, our brilliant physicians and researchers work relentlessly to make discoveries in the lab, and translate them into cures for children. Today, through Frontier Programs CHOP is bringing the best minds to the most challenging medical conditions and redefining what’s possible.

What will your breakthrough be?

Your investment will extend our Frontier Program resources beyond the initial three years of institutional support.

With your support, we can:

  • Bring visionary ideas swiftly to the fore and make them actionable
  • Pioneer and implement scientific breakthroughs that have rapid and global impact
  • Ensure that life-changing scientific discoveries translate to exceptional clinical care