Minds Matter Concussion Program

Children, teens and young adults suffering from a concussion can find expert concussion treatment in the Minds Matter Concussion Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our specialized pediatric concussion program provides cutting-edge concussion diagnostics and therapies, and is designed to help patients, families, healthcare providers, school staff and coaches recognize the signs and symptoms of concussions, and support physician-guided recovery with a focus on improving long-term outcomes and preventing future concussions.

Coming Back After Concussion: Max’s Story

Concussion Care: What You Need to Know

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Programs & Services for Concussion Patients

Children, teens and young adults who come to CHOP for concussion management will have access to a deep bench of expert clinical specialists and researchers. These teams are dedicated to the assessment and treatment of concussions, with a focus on preventing future head injury and offering targeted, personalized care plans, in addition to educational resources and concussion research.


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The pediatric concussion specialists at CHOP have developed our evidence-based primary and specialty care approach to diagnosing and treating concussions in children.

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