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Excitement Is Building

Published on in Children's View

A soaring atrium, high-tech private patient rooms, thoughtfully designed spaces for families — and plenty of parking! Construction has begun on Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s second inpatient hospital, located in King of Prussia, Pa.

A Day in the Life of an Urgent Care Doctor

Published on in Children's View

Kids don’t always get sick or injured during their pediatrician’s office hours. That’s why Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia offers pediatric-specific Urgent Care at four locations. Grishma Rali, MBBS, MPH, has been one of CHOP’s Urgent Care doctors for three years. This is a day in her life.

Going the Distance

Published on in Children's View

Families make long journeys — and even relocate — so their children can receive specialized treatment at CHOP.

Two Trailblazers

Published on in Children's View

Longtime friends worked together to create an innovative device. Now, one is honoring the other’s legacy.

Thousands of Lunches, All Free

Published on in Children's View

Osiel Bravo and his wife, Efigenia, brought their infant to the Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pediatric Care Center for her 3-week checkup early one afternoon in July, with daughter Elizabeth, 5, and son, Sebastian, 14 months, in tow.

Revolutionizing Epilepsy Care

Published on in Children's View

When Ryan was 5 months old, he went stiff in his mother’s arms, stopped breathing and turned blue. His parents, Jennifer and Derek, were petrified. Ryan was diagnosed with epilepsy, a condition that causes seizures.