Sending Your Radiology Imaging Records Electronically

CHOP offers patients and healthcare providers a safe and secure way to electronically send medical imaging records to our physicians and medical staff using Ambra.

Ambra is a HIPAA-compliant service. Just upload your or your patient’s medical images and related health records to Ambra and they will be delivered to CHOP’s clinical team for review.

By sending us images before an appointment, we can ensure you or your patients are seeing the most appropriate specialist for their condition. Having images in advance also allows physicians to begin developing a treatment plan before a patient’s appointment.

Parents and patients registered in the MyCHOP Patient Portal can view, download, share CHOP performed imaging. They can also upload outside performed imaging.

How to upload your imaging exams

Both patients and healthcare providers may submit images for clinical review. These studies will be used by the CHOP clinical teams for services provided at CHOP.

  • Insert your medical images CD into your computer or note the location on your local hard drive if they are downloaded locally to your PC or Mac. We recommend using Google Chrome to upload.
  • If you are a MyCHOP patient portal user, proceed to MyCHOP to upload imaging.
  • If you are NOT a MyCHOP user, click here to submit imaging records.
    • When you see the "ImageShare" page, click the "Choose File" button. Do NOT check off the "non-radiology imaging" box.
    • Follow the prompts to select the folder, files or CD/DVID drive you want to upload.
    • Enter the uploader name & contact info, and the requesting provider name & number.
    • Click “Upload Selected Studies” and wait for the upload to complete. 
  • Once your study(s) are uploaded please notify your CHOP clinical staff.


For more information or help please contact us, Radiology Fileroom (215) 590-2584.