Department of Radiology

At CHOP, your family has access to state of the art imaging technologies in an environment that is safe and pleasant for patients of all ages. Our pediatric radiologists interpret every scan, providing expertise that will help you and your child’s doctor make the best decisions about care.

Global Impact of CHOP Radiology: The 2023 Outreach in Ethiopia

Our Programs and Services

The Department of Radiology offers the most radiation-free and low-dose options in pediatric imaging in the region. Learn more about the many procedures our team performs, from diagnostic tests including X-ray, CT scans, MRI, MEG scans and PET scans, to interventional procedures and much more.

All Radiology imaging is now available to patients and parents via the MyCHOP patient portal. With this Radiology imaging access Patients and parents can view, download and share their imaging. Patients and parents can also upload their outside performed Radiology imaging in preparation for their next CHOP appointment. 

Our Team

Our team of pediatric radiology experts are long-time leaders in the movement toward safer scanning for children. Our pediatric radiologists have helped establish guidelines used around the country for safe, low-dose imaging practices.

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