Additional Services at Cobbs Creek

Medication refill requests

  • Call 215-476-2223, or log on to MyCHOP to request medication refills.
  • Medication refill requests take three business days to complete.
  • A nurse may call you if an appointment is required to complete the request

Specialist referrals

  • Call 215-476-2223 and follow prompts, or log on to MyCHOP to request a specialist insurance referral.
  • Referral requests take three business days to complete.
  • If your primary care provider did not refer you to the specialist, a managed care coordinator may contact you for additional information. This may delay the referral.

Form completion

  • Please bring all forms needed to scheduled visits.
  • Please complete all personal information in advance.
  • All form requests take 10 to 14 business days to complete. Please allow this time for processing.

Medical records requests

  • You can request a copy of your child’s medical records at any time by completing a HIPAA release form in the office.
  • Please note that requests for the full medical record are completed by the hospital’s central Health Information Management department. These may take 14 business days to process.
  • You can also log on to MyCHOP to check for the information you need.

Virtual driving tests

In partnership with NJM Insurance Group, we are proud to offer simulated driving assessments for our teen patients. This innovative assessment is powered by Ready-Assess™, a software that gauges a teen’s ability to drive safely and avoid crashes. Ask about taking a virtual driving test at your teen's next visit to prepare them to drive safely.