Dear CHOP Alumni Family,

Remember our CHOP Alumni Motto: Keep … Tradition, Keep … in Mind, Keep … in Touch! Let’s get to it:

Keep … Tradition: The spring is filled with many traditions here at CHOP; some older and some new. Our Residency and Fellowship graduation is in June, when families, faculty, and graduates fill Stokes Auditorium for a celebration of our wonderful trainees. We also celebrate the amazing research accomplishments of our trainees annually by inviting 2 residents and 2 fellows to present their research at our final Grand Rounds each year. This is a 5-year-old tradition, and one I look forward to each year.

This year we learned about

  • The complex genetics and phenotypic spectrum of Beckwith-Weidemann syndrome in twins from Jennifer Cohen; a novel primary immune deficiency disease (PU.1-mutated agammaglobulinemia) discovered, described, and treated (!) by Brian Nolan
  • The impact of pneumococcal vaccination on childhood pneumonia in Botswana by Morgan Congdon
  • Reducing post-operative acute renal injury in infants undergoing cardiac surgery by Dominic Zanaboni

All our trainees did an amazing job, and their presentations were outstanding.

Finally, each spring we celebrate the presentation of the annual Richard D. Wood Distinguished Alumnus Award at the annual meeting of the medical staff. This year, we honored N. Scott Adzick with this award. Dr Adzick is an internationally renowned pioneer in fetal and pediatric surgery and has served as Surgeon-in-Chief at CHOP since 1995. His career has been nothing short of amazing, and his impact on fetal, neonatal, and pediatric surgery is unparalleled. We had a wonderful evening of celebration, and we congratulate Scott on this honor.

Keep … In Mind: Getting involved with the Alumni Organization has never been easier, more rewarding, and impactful! I hope you’ll consider making a gift, as well. Visit today.

And finally, Keep ... in Touch! Each year at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) meeting, I have the pleasure of hosting a CHOP alumni reception with Physician-in-Chief Joe St. Geme. This year was no different, and it is always great to see so many CHOP alumni gathering for an evening of reminiscing and catching up. This year, the CHOP residency class of 1989 celebrated the 30th anniversary of its graduation with a reunion in Baltimore during the PAS meeting. After our large reception, I joined 16 of my 23 classmates at a lovely Sunday brunch at the Baltimore Museum of Art. We were joined by our department chair, program director, several esteemed faculty members, and one of our chief residents. A number of attendees flew in specifically for this gathering, including 3 who came from California.

One of the wonderful parts, in addition to all the hugs, was the sequence of “30 years in 90 seconds,” when each of the perhaps slightly older and grayer but still youthful pediatricians shared some highlights of their careers and families. As Dan Hyman, the organizer of the reunion, said, “All the attendees were grateful for the training we received that set the foundation for our careers, and more so for the deeply personal connections that were formed in those long days and nights in West Philadelphia.” The class has generously contributed to a special gift to the Department of Pediatrics, supporting a residency wellness program in the coming academic year.

If you are interested in organizing a class reunion, please let us know, as we are happy to help support your efforts.

Until next time, enjoy, work hard, but not too hard, and keep in touch!

Best, Cindy

Cindy W. Christian, MD

President, CHOP Alumni Association

Members of the residency class of 1989 at their 30-year reunion Many members of the residency class of 1989 at their 30-year reunion, held in Baltimore in concert with the PAS meeting, with mentors and friends.

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