CHOP joins Parks & Rec on the Kobe Bryant Dream Court to celebrate inaugural West Philadelphia summer camp basketball league

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Kids playing basketball Today more than 100 young people and their families joined the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to attend the closing ceremony of the 2022 West and Southwest Philadelphia Camp Basketball Tournament. An All-Star Game, prize giving ceremony, and 3 point shot contest capped off six weeks of play for campers from 14 participating City recreation centers.

Made possible by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Healthier Together Initiative, 14 participating Parks & Rec summer camps offered a six-week youth basketball tournament. Thanks to CHOP’s sponsorship, the six-week tournament, which ran from July 5th to August 12th, was available to all campers at select West and Southwest Parks & Rec camps, at no cost to youth or their families.

“Summer camp is a chance for young people to try new things, meet friends, and create healthy habits that will help them succeed when they return to school and far into the future,” said Kathryn Ott Lovell, Commissioner, Philadelphia Parks & Recreation. “The CHOP summer camp basketball tournament is a great way for campers to stay active and socialize with peers from neighboring communities all while building their confidence on the court. We are incredibly grateful to CHOP for their continued partnership.”

“CHOP’s Healthier Together Initiative strives to ensure all children have a fair shot at a healthy future, and that includes making sure they have access to healthy, safe, and fun activities throughout the summer,” said Alonzo South, Assistant Vice President of Community Impact at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. “Healthier Together is proud to partner with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation to increase these enriching opportunities for youth in West and Southwest Philadelphia.”

Learn more about CHOP’S Healthier Together Initiative.

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Contact: Joey McCool Ryan, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, (267) 258-6735 or

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