CHOP Oncologists Recognized at 2022 ASPHO Conference

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Two oncologists within the Cancer Center were recognized at the 2022 ASPHO Conference for their outstanding contributions in the field of pediatric oncology.

Sogol Mostoufi-Moab, MD, MSCE, was the recipient of the Northwestern Mutual Award for Excellence in Childhood Cancer Survivorship, and recognized for her commitment and devotion to helping pediatric cancer survivors live full and healthy lives. Dr. Mostoufi-Moab is a dual-certified pediatric oncologist and endocrinologist with clinical expertise in endocrine late effects after childhood cancer therapy. She holds the Richard and Sheila Sanford Endowed Chair in Pediatric Oncology at CHOP.

In addition, Yael Mossé, MD, was the recipient of the Frank A. Oski Memorial Lectureship, and was recognized for her exceptional work in neuroblastoma, a cancer that starts in the nerve tissues of infants and young children. In Dr. Mossé’s lab, researchers have made great strides in the knowledge of the hereditary predisposition and progression of neuroblastoma. They discovered the gene mutations that are the primary cause of the inherited version of neuroblastoma and that also plays a significant role in high-risk forms of the more common, non-inherited form of the disease.

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