Exploring Learning and Memory in Down Syndrome

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Trisomy 21 Update

Dr. Nancy Raitano Lee, a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at Drexel University, is leading several studies focused on children and adolescents with Down syndrome. Two studies are currently seeking participants.

Memory skills in Down syndrome

The goal of the first study at Drexel is to better understand memory development in individuals with Down syndrome. The Drexel team is currently recruiting children ages 6-17 with a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Participation in the study involves three research visits over the course of six months, which can be completed at Drexel or in the child's home. Participants will be paid $40 for each visit. 

Families interested in this research study can contact Dr. Lee’s research team at 215-553-7164 or ladder_lab@drexel.edu

Early intervention

In a second study, Dr. Lee is collaborating with Dr. Diana Robins and Dr. Giacomo Vivanti of the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute to conduct a new study looking at the effectiveness of an intensive, naturalistic early intervention program for toddlers and preschool age children with Down syndrome.

The Drexel team is currently seeking children with Down syndrome ages 12 to 48 months to participate in the study.

Children will be randomly assigned to either six months of a play-based intervention or treatment as usual. All participants will receive a pre- and post-developmental evaluation and may continue ongoing therapy/activities during the study. Benefits include $50 per evaluation (two total) and a report documenting each child's strengths and areas of need. 

Interested families should contact the Institute's Down syndrome team at 215-571-4522 or sye23@drexel.edu

Reading development

Dr. Lee and her team are currently completing a multi-year study exploring reading and memory in youth with Down syndrome to determine what factors impacted reading development in this population.

For the study, about 40 children with Down syndrome completed a variety of paper and pencil and computerized tasks to measure a wide range of academic and cognitive skills. As data collection nears conclusion, the Drexel team looks forward to sharing their results with the community.

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