HighPoint Practice Updates: March 2015

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Community Event: Woodlynde African Adventures

Does your child learn differently? And are you looking for a fun summer camp program that can keep him academically prepared for the next school year? Check out the wonderful Woodlynde African Adventures summer camp in Chester, PA. As their mission statement explains:

“Woodlynde students have language- or math-based learning differences (such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or dyscalculia), executive function disorder, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing disorder, or they may simply need a small classroom environment in order to be successful.”

For more information, visit the Woodlynde website or email Penny Moldofsky.

Local Resource: CarePages

When your child is sick, staying connected to friends and family is a crucial component to getting, and staying well — for both patients and caregivers. This can be difficult to do while managing a child’s health challenges, which is why The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia offers CarePages.

CarePages can help you stay in touch with loved ones and friends while your family is dealing with illness or injury. These free, private websites make it easy to:

  • Update family, friends and even colleagues all at once
  • Share photos
  • Collect supporting messages from loved ones and friends
  • Learn more about healthcare issues
  • Connect to others with similar concerns

Asthma Tip of the Month

Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) are a wonderful tool to help diagnose asthma and to assess how well your child’s lungs are currently functioning. Your child may be asked to perform PFTs in our office, either at their well visit or if you make an appointment because your child has been coughing.

Often, PFTs are done before and after an albuterol treatment with either nebulized albuterol or two puffs with a spacer and an albuterol. Please remember to bring your spacer and all MDIs to every office visit, so if we need to do PFTs, we can do so during your appointment.

Now Open: After-Hours Urgent Care at CHOP Specialty Care & Surgical Center, Bucks County

When the HighPoint office is closed, and your child needs to be seen urgently, you now have a high-quality option with excellent care right in our neighborhood. The CHOP Specialty Care & Surgical Center in Bucks County now offers after-hours urgent care.

Urgent Care, Bucks County is staffed by board-certified CHOP pediatricians and nurses and provides on-site lab testing and X-ray imaging. Best of all, because it’s part of CHOP, we are electronically connected to their medical records.