It’s much easier to find playmates for your child in Early Intervention and school. As your child grows, it takes more effort to arrange get together with friends to do activities they enjoy. When your child has Down syndrome, the challenge is even greater.

Friendships require ongoing attention. Losing touch with people we used to enjoy happens with the competing priorities of life. So how do we keep our children engaged in positive relationships that bring them joy as they grow up?

Adults with Down syndrome need the same kind of positive and meaningful relationships and activities as everyone else. It's critical to find the right match of activities and supportive services needed.

Is it Special Olympics, bowling, or going on a short vacation to the beach? Is it an activity with friends like going to see a movie, heading to the gym or attending a religious event? Or maybe it’s going out for dinner with a favorite friend, neighbor or family member?

In some cases, supportive help from an agency can help facilitate these activities. Service coordinators and other families can often make suggestions. If you need help figuring out the best options for your family, please contact our social worker, Symme Trachtenberg, at 215-590-7444.