Mitochondrial Medicine Team Participates in Annual Research Affinity Group Retreat

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Mitochondrial Team On Tuesday, June 5, the Mitochondrial Medicine team participated in the third annual Mitochondrial Research Affinity Group (RAG) Retreat hosted by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the University of Pennsylvania. This year, 80+ physicians, genetic counselors, nurses, clinicians, researchers and other professionals met to discuss advancements in the mitochondrial medicine field, attend seminars, participate in team-building activities, and create further collaborative opportunities.

The Mitochondrial RAG now has more than 260 active participants across CHOP, Penn and surrounding universities who work in mitochondrial biology or disease. The multidisciplinary group works collaboratively to fuel breakthroughs for improving the health and treatment of patients of all ages living with mitochondrial disease.

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