Researchers at CHOP Join Forces to Study Connections Between Mitochondria and Cancer

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 Marni Falk, MD and Adam Resnick, PhD Marni Falk, MD and Adam Resnick, PhD This week is World Mitochondrial Disease Week, and we have some exciting news to share from The Mitochondrial Medicine Center at CHOP. They will be partnering with our Data-Driven Discovery in Biomedicine program to form the Mitochondria and Cancer Connections (MC²) Research Program, a new cutting-edge research initiative co-led by Marni Falk, MD, director of the Mitochondrial Medicine Frontier Program, and Adam Resnick, PhD, director of the Center for Data-Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b).

Working together, they hope to uncover some important insights into both energy deficiency as well as how cancer cells find the energy to grow and find ways to prevent their return.

Read more about this new partnership on the Cornerstone Blog.

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